THE TL-XL Tanning Ledge

Ultimate luxury addition to any Aviva Pools swimming pool. Versatile ledge allows full sun bathing/ lounge experience. Wonderful area for young children to play. Perfect area for pets to splash in and cool down.

Expanded length allows for multiple chairs and umbrella stands. Available with one 10′ long spillway only.



The Aviva Pools TL-XL takes tanning ledge design up yet another notch. It adds another four feet to the standard-sized tanning ledge design, this way creating more room for play and additional enjoyment. The additional space allows for adding another Ledge Lounger or sun umbrella to create the perfect vacation oasis in your backyard. This also gives you additional options to add water jets or bubblers to your pool experience. Note that there is only one spillway option available for this product – that means that you need to be sure to purchase the right technology and equipment if you are hoping to create a waterfall effect that will be truly inspiring. Please talk to your independent local dealer for more guidance and information.
  • Model
  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth
  • TL-XL
  • 14′
  • 7′ 3″
  • 12″