Pool & Spa Combination Additional Equipment



If you have selected a Leisure Pools® swimming pool that has a built in spa, such as the Allure Range, Ultimate Range, Limitless Range and Icon Range, then Pool and Spa Combination Additional Equipment should be considered to enhance your experience. This includes a Blower, Spa Jets, Safety Suctions, and a Spa Plumbing

Enhances your therapeutic experience by injecting air into the main stream spa jets, delivering outstanding water pressure

Quiet operation, typically located away from your spa with the pool equipment

Enjoy years of proven reliability and satisfying performance

The Blower 

The Blower is designed to blow air through the spa fittings in order to aerate the water providing millions of bubbles in the water to improve the therapeutic feature of the spa.

Spa Jet

The Spa Jets are designed to return water from the pump and concentrate that water into a jet to provide a therapeutic jet stream in the spa.

Safety Suctions 

The Safety Suctions are designed to draw water out of the spa and through the Spa Plumbing Kit and return that water to the Pump, Filter and an optional Heater.