Chemical Starter Kit Pool Accessories



The Chemical Starter Kits from Leisure Pools® are designed with the specific care of your new pool in mind.

With our Chemical Starter Kits, you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer, providing you with the not only the right advice, but the opportunity to save money by avoiding buying costly and unnecessary chemicals that you do not need.

Leisure Pools® Block 

Kills and prevents all types of algae

Leisure Pools® Buffer

Raises total alkalinity and protects against corrosion

Leisure Pools® Clear 

Produces sparkling, clear water and aids filter performance

Leisure Pools® Defender

Prevents iron staining and stops corrosion of metal pool fittings

Leisure Pools® Down 

Lowers pH and alkalinity of water and is safer than muriatic acid

Leisure Pools® Filter 

Minimizes cloudy water and returns filter to optimum efficiency

Leisure Pools® Protector 

Stabilizes water and reduces chlorine consumption

Leisure Pools® Shock 

Continually kills bacteria and is gentle on equipment and surfaces

Leisure Pools® Surface 

Removes and prevents surface stains such as “bathtub ring”