AquaRite 925 Chlorination System 25000g



AquaRite® 925 is designed to provide the same superior salt chlorination as the AquaRite® Item 15 while producing 25% more chlorine over its lifetime with the Extended Life TurboCell. The Extended Life Turbo Cell cuts your annual chlorine costs by 50% or more, to less than just $1 per pound.

Soft, silky water for larger poolsl

Replaces the need for chemical chlorine with healthy, non-toxic and odorless natural sodium chloride chlorine

Non-aggressive, mild taste

How Does Salt Chlorination Work? 

Step One:

Water in your pool containing the proper amount of dissolved salt enters the TurboCell®

Step Two:

Power is applied to the Cell, converting dissolved salt into chlorine gas

Step Three:

The chlorine gas dissolves into the water

Step Four: 

Water with pure, fresh chlorine is returned into the pool, satisfying 100% of your pool’s chlorination needs