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Fiberglass is a durable, insulating material that is designed to provide you with all the fun of swim and water without depleting your pockets. Fiberglass helps maintain pool temperature resulting in lower heating and filter costs.  Fiberglass has a smooth, non-abrasive, slip-resistant surface finish, utilizing few chemicals and is easy to clean. It is stain-resistant and low maintenance. Fiberglass can be installed quickly and efficiently. Fiberglass offers a wide choice of shape, color and style.  Fiberglass has superior strength and stability, including built-in steps and a safety ledge around the pool. Fiberglass also works well with a salt system filter and comes along with a lifetime warranty. We build luxury fiberglass pools in Tri-state area. Complete fiberglass swimming pool installation Located in New Jersey, servicing the United States.



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    WHY US

    When you choose Poolux, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be constructed with the highest quality standards and the build will be supervised by our trained, licensed contractor team. Compared to traditional pool builders, Poolux aims to carry out the installation quickly and eefficient manner. At Poolux, we have simplified the build experience into a smooth, clean, and effective process. From simple projects to complex masterpieces, Poolux can realize your dreams with the newest materials, custom configurations, and smart technology.

    Poolux combines all the time-tested protocols known to be tried and true, together with the up-and-coming techniques that offer an unparalleled luxury pool experience. Whether your style is rustic, traditional, modern, or contemporary, poolux will envision your dream and turn it into reality. At Poolux, we are proud of our uncompromising ethics. We stand by our work and offer warranties for our materials and technology to ensure our services extend far beyond the new build. Poolux will continue to service your pool throughout the seasons and deliver you the customer care you deserve.


    I was hesitant to start the process of building a pool, as I knew the process is both lengthy and costly. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Poolux. Poolux eciently and eectively oversaw the project from start to finish. Poolux is the dream team. They carefully listened to us to determine the style we were looking for and guided us on the best way to make it happen. One year after the build has finished, Poolux has continued to be there throughout the season and is always just one phone call away

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    When choosing a new pool build, I wanted an upgraded style and newer technology than what traditional companies were oering. Poolux oered us high quality fiberglass materials, coupled with new technologies like app management, lighting and heating, that is just not available elsewhere. There is nothing like watching my family spend a beautiful day outdoors, enjoying a poolux pool and having the peace of mind that Poolux will continue to provide the fantastic service they are known for

    Testimonial #1 Designation

    When it came time to remodel our pool, we wanted something special. We found out about Poolux Builders and their wide selection of modern and luxurious fiberglass pools

    Testimonial #1 Designation

    When we decided to build a pool, we wanted something that was both low-maintenance and safe for our kids. After doing our research, we chose Poolux Builders to install a fiberglass pool. We were amazed at how quickly the process went – installation was done in just a few days! Not only that, but the heat-resistant material and built-in safety features meant that we had an incredibly safe pool for our family to enjoy. Highly recommend!

    Testimonial #1 Designation